What we do


Audiences are likely to connect with brands. People like to understand services, brand identities, culture and its whereabouts. Customers consume what brands offer either products or services. We do it everyday on buying offline and online.



Audience research and insights

Social research and trend mapping

Qualitative and quantitative audience research

Persona development and brand strategies

Social consultancy and strategy


Creative strategy and concepting

Editorial strategy, planning, copywriting

Photo and video production

Motion graphics, 3D, video editing

Animation & illustration


Channel strategy and planning

Social media advertising

Search engine ads

Display advertising

Influencer marketing

Analytics, attribution, reporting


🔍 Study

We start with a short talk on phone, email or in person setting up an initial meeting that can be held in person or over the phone, videocall. We learn about the client’s company and brand, talk them through our work process and benefits. Afterwards, the client fills a brand questionnaire (marketing brief) and we come to a mutual agreement in a while.

Typical briefs include anything from end-to-end description, production stuff, campaigns reports, collaborations, optimization summary, public relations, social media and performance formats. There are projects when we are trusted for the initial business research and create such summaries ourselves.

Marketing briefs help greatly in defining project goals and setting up a strategy solution that will lead to a successful project completion.

💻 Design

Next we work on strategy, documenting your brand, client matrix, brand words and style. We use strategy as a reference for concept development. After multiple concepts offer, we with client pick the best one.

📊 Optimization

When the concept is approved, we revise it until it's just right. We create the content that necessary for your brand. We do till all is perfectly ready.

We combine audience-first thinking and channel best practice to drive channel results across our client base.

If we’re not activating, we push to be connected to internal performance teams (or external media agencies) to ensure our creative is landing as it should.


Core usability and accessibility principles dominate web design and local digital marketing today. It's a situation of quite strict pragmatism that influence common digital style. Such an approach takes over aesthetics in marketing of small, middle and even big business. It transforms creativity into a technological frame of digital design. Quick, moderate, user accessible solutions are on top of the industry list nowadays.

Creativity of course is an integral part of marketing business. Brands badly need creativity to engage audience. At Palmaflux we work for good to provide fresh solutions between digital technology, creativity and effective marketing strategy. We professionally balance between market demands, project budgets, technology, time frames and work scopes. This kind of approach creates a win-win situation for our clients.

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